well hello there,

my name is Brynna Isabell Kelley, the little redhead behind the camera and my super cute husband James Kelley is my go to second shooter and videographer. 

when i'm not behind the lens, i am usually editing while listening to true crime podcasts (SSDGM), forcing my cat jasper to love me (picture evidence below), going on spontaneous adventures with my hubby, james, and starting self help books but never finishing them.

on bad days you can find us at target splitting a lychee green bubble tea in & raiding the $1 section.

Our faves:

  • movie dates

  • our cats Burt + Jasper

  • a clean house

  • x-files


My goal as your photographer is to tell your story by creating artistic, evoking, and super rad photos that reflect you.

Ultimately, i want you to have pictures that you will look back on years from now and still be madly in love with. if you feel like we'd be a good fit, go ahead and go to my contact page.

fun facts about me:

My FAVORITE food is basically anything gluten free. (I have celiac.)

my favorite colors are crimson, pale pink, and mint green.

Valentines day is my all time favorite holiday.

my fave music is probably folk/singer songwriter but sometimes you just need to put on some gangster rap and handle it. 

i also collect rocks and minerals. i know thats so random, but they're all so different and unique. 

If you want to see what I'm up to, feel free to connect with me over social media! (Instagram is where you'll find me the most!)

p.s. If you have any questions or would just like to grab coffee, feel free to drop me a line!!<3